Class AWS::S3::Owner
In: lib/aws/s3/owner.rb
Parent: Object

Entities in S3 have an associated owner (the person who created them). The owner is a canonical representation of an entity in the S3 system. It has an id and a display_name.

These attributes can be used when specifying a ACL::Grantee for an ACL::Grant.

You can retrieve the owner of the current account by calling Owner.current.


current   hash  

Included Modules


Public Class methods

The owner of the current account.


    # File lib/aws/s3/owner.rb, line 15
15:         def current
16:           response = Service.get('/')
17:           new(response.parsed['owner']) if response.parsed['owner']
18:         end

Public Instance methods


    # File lib/aws/s3/owner.rb, line 30
30:       def hash #:nodoc
31:         [id, display_name].join.hash
32:       end